Progress Report

August 8, 2005

Campaign Action

Sign petition to President Bush and other world leaders demanding the arrest of Karadzic and Mladic

See Amnesty International USA Website for online letter letter writing campaign to President Bush asking for the arrest of war criminal.

Directory of international events related to the tenth anniversary of Srebrenica and Dayton.


UN report on its failure in Srebrenica (PDF)

Advocacy Project Srebrenica Overview

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugloslavia (ICTY)

Interpol warrant for Karadzic

Interpol warrant for Mladic

Human Rights Watch information on failure to arrest Karadzic and Mladic





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Advocacy Project

Center for Balkan Development

Coalition for International Justice

Congress of North American Bosniaks

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Serbia

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Campaign Contact:
Tel: 978-461-0909
Fax: 978-461-2552

Goal of the Campaign
To see that Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic are arrested and brought to The Hague to stand trial for crimes committed at Srebrenica and at other locations in Bosnia.

Demands on the Bush Administration:

  • Declare that the arrest of Mladic and Karadzic is a top priority for the Bush Administration.
  • Allocate specific US intelligence and military resources to locate and arrest Karadzic and Mladic.
  • Share all relevant intelligence with NATO allies and other interested parties in locating Karadzic and Mladic.
  • Coordination efforts with NATO and other European counterparts in locating and arresting Karadzic and Mladic.
  • Use diplomatic and economic pressure on Serbia and on the Bosnian Serb Republic in Bosnia to insure their full cooperation with international efforts to arrest Karadzic and Mladic.

Why the arrest of Karadzic and Mladic is important to the United States, to the victims of genocide in Bosnia, and to the cause of International Justice
The United States has invested billions of dollars into military and peacekeeping operations in Bosnia, in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and in economic and social reconstruction throughout Bosnia. We have invested almost an equal amount in neighboring Kosovo, which was the final conflict during the decade of war in the Balkans. It is in our national interest to protect this investment in peace by doing what is right and what is necessary by finally arresting Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. Their continued freedom from justice stands as an insult to the victims of the genocide and to the courageous men and women of U.S., NATO, and UN forces who risked their lives for the cause of peace and justice in the Balkans. It also gives succor to those extremists who continue to obstruct the ongoing efforts to bring long-term peace and stability to Bosnia and the entire region.

Long-term peace and stability in the region hinges on both the victims and perpetrators of war crimes seeing those personally responsible for these crimes brought to justice. As much as the apprehension of Saddam Hussein was a necessity for creating the conditions for peace and democratization in Iraq, the arrest of Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic is vital to our long-term interests in the Balkans. Now that it has been ten years since the worst of their crimes at Srebrenica, this anniversary represents an opportunity for the Unites States to finish what it began at Dayton and to deliver to the victims of aggression the justice that is due them.

For years the United States stood by while genocide was perpetrated in Bosnia and the Balkans. Reluctantly, we finally demonstrated leadership and courage by intervening to stop the worst war crimes in Europe since the end of World War II sixty years ago. American men and women risked and lost their lives – and Americans invested billions of their hard-earned tax dollars – to support the cause of peace and justice in Bosnia and the region as a whole. Please finish the job. Insure that this enormous investment is protected. Make certain that Mladic and Karadzic are arrested prior to the tenth anniversary of the Dayton Agreement on December 14, 2005, or sooner.

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