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Center for Balkan Development
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Awards Banquet (Stari Most Awards)
Saturday, October 16, 2004
Heights Room, Boston College
7:00-10:30 p.m.
Minimum donation per person: $75

Winners of the Stari Most Awards

  • Senator Joseph R. Biden, United States
    (Senator Biden will not be attending banquet due to the presidential election campaign. He will send a letter that will be read at the banquet.)
    Senator Joseph R. Biden has earned national and international recognition for his strong support of U.S. involvement in Bosnia and Kosova to ensure peace in the regions and advocate for multi-ethnic and democratic societies.
  • Ylber Hysa, Kosova
    Ylber Hasa–a political analyst, parliamentarian, columnist, editor, and human rights activist–has tirelessly advocated for a multi-ethnic, democratic, and independent Kosova
  • Amir Pasic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Dr. Amir Pasic–professor, engineer, architect and urban planner–is internationally recognized for his monumental efforts to reconstruct the historic center of Mostar before, during, and after the 1992-95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Featured Guest Speaker: Ambassador Swanee Hunt

Master of Ceremonies: Delores Handy, News Anchor, WBUR Radio, Boston

Piano Recital: Sasha Toperich, Presidential Envoy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United States

The Center for Balkan Development is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the Stari Most Awards to acknowledge the above individuals for their outstanding service toward achieving peace, reconciliation, economic development, and establishing long-term security in the former Yugoslavia.

At the Awards Banquet, Friends of Bosnia will formally change its name to the Center for Balkan Development and will celebrate its anniversary with a presentation of a documentary about their decade of working toward the goals of the Stari Most Awards.