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Center for Balkan

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Urgent Funding Request

Friends of Bosnia seeks $20,000 for computers for non-profit school in Bosnia

The internet club in Tuzla run by the Center for Information Technology. They are loosing these computers by the end of the summer.

Friends of Bosnia has spent thousands of dollars and labor hours helping establish an independent non-profit school for information technology in Tuzla, Bosnia. The school is called "CIT", officially the Tuzla Center for Information Technology.

We have had great success securing a 3 to 5-year lease on a 1,300 square foot building located in the center of Tuzla. We have established the most popular internet club in the city which provides revenue for staff and courses. And, we have an excellent multi-ethnic non-politicized truly independent management team and an ambitious fundraising campaign underway.

Our recent and unexpected challenge started when we received an urgent "SOS!!!" e-mail from the leaders of CIT. They are having their lease on their 34 computers unexpectedly and prematurely terminated. We must replace the computers which means that we must raise $20,000 as soon as possible.

It is absolutely crucial that we maintain the internet club and thereby keep the school open and our present management group and volunteers in the fold. If we lose the internet club, we will lose the lease on the building and the school itself will need to close its doors.

Hence, we are committed to meeting this $20,000 challenge.

The good news is that we have already raised over $5,000 from private donations.

We invite you to help us raise the remaining $15,000.

"Please consider contributing to the Tuzla Center for Information Technology. We in Tuzla are proud of our defending civil society throughout the entire conflict that has wreaked such havoc in the Balkans and we wish now to build upon our successes and reach out to the rest of our country."
–Adnan Salkic, President
The Tuzla Center for Information Technology
[email protected]

Contributions can be sent to:
Friends of Bosnia, 2 CLOCK TOWER PLACE #510, MAYNARD, MA 01754
or secure credit card donations at www.friendsofbosnia.org
Contact me to share any ideas you may have to help.
Glenn Ruga, [email protected], 978-461-0909

Click here for full two-year funding proposal for CIT (pdf/acrobat format only)

Friends of Bosnia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.