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Center for Balkan Development
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Email Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 2, April 23, 2004

Friends of Bosnia/Center for Balkan Development Announce the Stari Most Awards


Friends of Bosnia/Center for Balkan Development announces the Stari Most Awards to honor and recognize individuals who have done outstanding service working toward peace, reconciliation, economic development, and establishing long-term security in the former Yugoslavia. This is the first year that the awards will be given.

Anyone can make a nomination via a web-based form. Forms and instructions are available at: www.friendsofbosnia/starimost. Nominations must be made in English but the rules are available in Bosnian and Albanian. Non-English speakers are encouraged to work with translators to submit nominations.

Nominees can be from the former Yugoslavia or from any other country. The award can be given posthumously but the nominees must have accomplished the work they are being recognized for after January 1, 1991.

The Awards Advisory Committee will give awards to four to six individuals, at the discretion of the committee. No more than two awards will be given posthumously.

The deadline for receiving nominations is July 26, 2004. Winners will be announced in September 2004.

Award winners will:

  • Have their expenses paid to travel to Boston to receive the award on October 16
  • Receive an honorary plaque at the awards ceremony
  • Have their name inscribed on a permanent monument in Bosnia
    Click here to go to the Stari Most Awards home page and begin making a nomination.

We encourage you to visit the website for the Stari Most Awards to nominate candidates. www.friendsofbosnia.org/starimost

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