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When he was younger, Prend studied to be a tailor in Zagreb and Novi Sad, then he worked in Detroit for a year in 1977. Now he works at the National Theatre in Pristina sewing costumes and building sets.

Prend stayed in his house in Pristina during the war. The worst part for him was a three-week period when he and his family had little food. The Serb police came by twice, but left them alone. He saw other homes burning and Serb paramilitaries looting, but the local Serbs didn’t bother him. He said that before the war he didn’t have problems with his Serb neighbors.

He is grateful for what the United States did to help and believes that if NATO, the U.S., and the Albanian people work together, than “things will be good”. He also said that he could live with Serbs who didn’t commit war crimes. Many people told us this, but the reality was that there is very little tolerance for any Serbs today in Kosovo.