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Professor Bosiljka Lleshi (“Bosa”)
My story is Kosovo. For every war, you need two people to fight. Just like it takes two people to make children.” Professor Bosiljka Lleshi (“Bosa”), 62, was born a Bosnian Serb in Banja Luka and married a Kosovar Albanian man in Prizren. For decades, this interethnic marriage brought her suffering. “It was always hard. I was strong in my desire to show them all that mixed marriages are good ones but many times my surname was the wrong name.” I was a mentor for both Albanian and Serb medical students…but all that I have done is gone now. Today, they don’t like my first name because it is Serbian.”

“In 1994, my son got sick. Doctors in Belgrade didn’t express interest in him. I was very sad. I lived near the bridge on the Sava River. I dreamed of jumping from that bridge. But each year I got stronger. I dedicated my life to my son.”

“I was never involved in politics… But I lost my husband and son because of politics. When Milosevic gave his speech in 1989 in Kosovo, I pretended I didn’t hear it. My impression is that he is not sane.” Later, Bosa was threatened with
dismissal by the Albanians.“I wasn’t fired because I was married to an Albanian. I never refused to help a patient because of nationality.

“My daughter and three grandsons are what is good in my life. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and my dogs. Animals make me smile.”

“You can give your heart to everyone but they will not always give their heart back to you. It is important to have a soul. When you have your dignity, you are respected.”

“I lost everything but I have a big heart. I feel it bursts because I want to be part of everyone.”

For this, members of the international community call Bosa a “legend in Kosovo.”

She now lives with her autistic son in Pristina.